Tinkering the Glemmer Module

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The small, battery powered and programmable light module Glemmer was developed by Simon Schießl and Felix Hardmood Beck with the aim to give a tinkering workshop at the Retune Design & Technology Conference 2014 in Berlin.

There are 18.446.744.073.709.551.616 possibilities to light up 64 red glowing LEDs and even more possibilities to design something with it. An integrated microcontroller can be programmed via Arduino or Processing. Glemmer can be used for battery-powered New Media accessories, fashion gimmickry or small electronic intervention. For 24,99€ every participant will be supplied with hard- and software components to build their own take-away and out-of-the-box working Glemmer module. This website helps you to tinker your own module step by step.

Bring Glemmer to the World…

Glemmer's size:

width: 30.2 mm

length: 30.2 mm

height: 13.7 mm

Glemmer kit comes with:

– 8x8 red LED matrix

– backpacked pcb (here you have to do the soldering)

– Arduino compatible Atmel controller

– USB jack

– Battery holder with coin battery