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Presentation of Essay 1, Understanding the Technical World

Your assignment was to choose a recent (max 1 year old) news story in a popular national or international news source concerning novel audio technology. You had to read the news article and prepare an analytical in-class presentation that you will give.

The presentation should focus on:

  1. summarise the article (±7 minutes)
  2. evaluate the news story from technical, rhetorical and sociological points of view (±2 minutes)
  3. include the merit and shortcomings the story has and the possible impact the topic in the article have on society (±3 minutes)
  4. You should close your presentation with an outlook into the future and with the ideation of new use-cases for this technology. (±3 minutes)

The overall presentation (±15 minutes) should be followed by q&a and discussion (±15 minutes) that the presenter will moderate.

Presentation Dates Essay 1

TUE, 02-21-17:

Student 1 Koh An Earpiece Translator

TUE, 02-28-17:

Student 2 Motoi Outdoor Speakers

TUE, 03-28-17:

Student 3 Soaad Airpods – Apple's wireless headphones

TUE, 04-04-17:

Student 4 Veronika Big Brother is Listening

TUE, 04-11-17:

Student 5 Isabella A radio that reads facial expressions

TUE, 04-18-17:

Student 6 Yusuf A Wooden Speaker

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