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Buddy Bear Project

A collaboration of NYUAD and the German Embassy Abu Dhabi

Kick-off meeting, NYUAD, Nov. 2018

Sadaaqa (arab. friendship) is a multi-national art collective based at New York University Abu Dhabi. The design of their Buddy Bear Sadeeq (arab. friend) draws to the respect between the Emirati and the German culture. The sculpture will be used by the German Embassy to accompany their events as a visual backdrop throughout all upcoming events in the UAE.

The bear represents the convergence of culture and identity, but also the strong relationship between the larger nations. After much conceptual exploration, the artist group NYUAD Sadaaqa has come to consider architecture as a representation of development in both nations. The Fachwerkhaus (german for timber house structure) having come to represent strength and solidarity for many years, while the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and its decorative and structural elements describe the young and fast growing nation. Ultimately, the visual dialogue between the architectural language of both Germany and the United Arab Emirates are meant to reflect the two nations strive for development. Flowers, weave around the beams of the structural elements of the wooden home. In art we unite; in art we are home.

More information on the Buddy Bear project: Wikipedia. You will also find a history of Buddy Bears (going back to 2001).

Pictures about the process

Pictures – Finally done…

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