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Engineering Design Studio

The Engineering Design Studio, formerly known as idea-lab, sometimes referred to as superLab, is NYUAD's Engineering Departments teaching lab for the fields of design and engineering. It is located in Building A5, Room 015 (ground floor). The Lab was initiated by Prof. Ramesh Jagannathan and fit out by Matt Karau from 2014–2015 to host interdisciplinary student teams and project groups. It is equipped with several rapid prototyping tools like 3D-printers, laser-cutter, CNC-milling machine, sewing machines, hand-tools etc. It hosts a collection of great books (EDS library), a material library, and the best coffeee machine on campus.

Within the lab, tools and resources are available to transform ideas into prototypes. Instead of primarily focusing on technical training and access to equipment, emphasis is placed on idea generation, refinement of concepts, and selection of effective strategies to realize worthwhile goals. The next generation of engineers is given the space and time needed to develop the poise and confidence to be prepared to initiate and deliver socially responsible and culturally relevant responses to the most challenging design prompts.

The Engineering Design Studio tirelessly promotes student endeavors and provides a learning framework that goes beyond theory in which initiative, resourcefulness, critical thinking, and perseverance are key drivers to success. Since the inception of the lab, students have created open source projects, filed and received patents, won national and international awards and competitions, worked with partners in government and industry, and received grants and awards totaling more than AED 2.1 million.

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Associated staff and faculty:
Esteban Salvemini (left), Manager Engineering Design Studio (2016–2018)
Matthew Karau (middle), Lecturer Engineering Design (since 2014)
Felix Beck (right), Assistant Professor of Practice of Design (2015–2017)




The pictures that you find on this website are published under Creative Common License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs, CC BY-NC-ND). This license allows others to download the below photographs and to share them with others as long as the author Felix Beck, Matt Karau and NYUAD Engineering Design Studio will be credited. It is not allowed to change them in any way or use them commercially. View legal code here. — Felix Beck 2016/09/24 20:17



EDS Kitchen

Ready to host 50 students during the »Design & Innovation course«.

Visiting students from University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, IxD Lab, Prof. Johannes Nehls.

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