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FILE 2019

Poster 2019 (old posters: 2018, 2017)

Several groups of NYUAD students, staff and faculty already attended in 2017 and 2018 at the FILE Media Arts Festival in Sao Paulo Brazil. Find below information on the 2019 round for the LED PROJECT project: Designing Animations for a Media Facade for FILE Media Arts Festival Sāo Paulo.

General information

The Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica (FILE; English: Electronic Language International Festival) is a media arts festival that usually takes place in three different cities of Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. It is the biggest art & technology festival in Brazil, and it serves as a lead indicator of the plurality of the work created in the interactive art field not only nationally but also internationally. It was founded in 2000 as a non-profit cultural organization with a main goal of promote and motivate research and art production on electronic language and contemporary art, as a way to set a discussing about Technology & Culture in Latin America.

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Groups of students and faculty from New York University Abu Dhabi (Prof Felix Beck) and American University of Sharjah (Prof Zlatan Filipovic) already attended the festival in 2017 (exhibition catalogue 2017) and 2018 (exhibition catalogue 2018). Find some documentation about the Augmented Architecture Project 2018, checkout the info on 2017 edition, or read an article about the results on the NYUAD website. As part of the overall project the participating artists presented the documentation of their works also during ECHO Art Design Technology Festival (Dubai, December 14–16, 2017), and in a group exhibition in NYUAD's White Cube (Jan 30 – Feb 25, 2018).

In 2019 Prof Felix Beck got re-invited to create with his students animations that will be displayed on a media facade during FILE Media Arts Festival in Sāo Paulo, Brazil. This years festival will take place at the Cultural Centre of SESI in São Paulo City June 15 – Sep 15, 2019. The animations of the participating artists will be presented during this time on the LED media facade of the FIESP building.

The 2019 theme is TOLERANCE. Every participant is invited to creatively interpret the theme in her/his own individual way. The length of each video should not be longer than max. 60seconds.

Project Timeline

Timeline V01, — Felix Beck 2019/03/10 08:32am

About the house/Media Facade

The media facede only works from 7pm to 6am. Never in the day time.

Example work

INFINITE by Liu Chang, Miao Jing, Gan Jian, 2016

“An audiovisual installation created by New York-based visual artist duo Liu Chang and Miao Jing, in collaboration with sound artist Gan Jian. The work explores the connection between time and space, discusses about spatial gravity and its influence to human’s perception. Sound and visual elements are in completely synced in order to contribute the immersive experience.” source:

For additional images/videos check the links bellow:

File Format

Works must be exported in the following formats: .mov and Animation/H264 codec. Non‐interactive works are sent to the panel via Imposa Player software installed on the Windows platform.



A mask should be applied on the work. The mask is equivalent to a two‐dimensional version of the LED panel – just like the unwrapped facade of the three sides of the building. It is important to consider, during the development of the work, that the panel is three‐dimensional: the right edge of the left side continues onto the left edge of the front area, and the left edge of the right side continues onto the right side of the front area.

You can also download this PDF with additional information.

Photoshop Template

Felix prepared several Photoshop templates that make it easy to test your designs. You just have to copy our layer/s into the correct folder structure. It makes sense to use the free-transform tool to warp your layer into the correct perspective.

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