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Generative Design Workshop

Letters of Code

About the 'Letters of Code' Workshop

Where: Interactive Media Lab (NYUAD Arts Center, room 23)
When: Saturday 28th 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (3 hrs. introduction to processing, 1 hr. break, 3 hrs. projects)

In the workshop you’ll learn about generative design and how you can use code to create versatile interactive visuals without being a programmer in the first place. We’ll start with a quick dive into Processing ( – a tool that is made for an easy access into the world of computation. In the next step we will work with typography: draw, animate and interact with letters in a generative way. Creating a gallery of little programs that have their individual approach of interaction, visual style, narrative and behaviour.


About Michael Schmitz

Michel Schmitz is designer and programmer with a focus on generative design. He studied visual communication at the University of Arts Berlin and received his diploma in new media design in 2006. Since then he works for clients, agencies and in free projects. He creates interactive installations, animations, apps, interfaces, dynamic brands, kinetic objects and hybrid spaces. Michael co-founded NEOANALOG and teaches at KISD – Köln International School of Design, at the faculty of architecture of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne and at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. He lives with his family in Cologne, Germany.


Our work lives at the intersection of design, art and technology. We fuse digital and analog domains, using code as a composite to mold them into a sensual, haptic experience. We create and realize interactive spaces, installations, objects and applications, as well as real-time animations, AR/VR-experiences and generative visualizations.

Following a process-driven, generative design approach we develop custom computer programs and analog-digital prototypes to realize tailor-made design and functionality. Our work is usually implemented in the context of exhibitions, museums, showrooms and stores for clients such as companies, cultural institutions, agencies and artists.

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