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Case-Study presentations

No. Theme Date Student Name
01The Da Vinci Notebooks TUE, 09-12-17 Raitis
02Leonardo Da Vinci's Flying Machines TUE, 09-12-17 Fathur
03The Arduino board THU, 09-14-17 Vitoria
04Machines in Vintage Futuristic Graphics TUE, 09-19-17 Al Reem
05Works of film director Fritz Lang TUE, 09-26-17 Felix
06The production of the film Metropolis TUE, 09-26-17 Alemayehu
07Molecular machines TUE, 10-03-17 Kristopher
08The Hadron Collider TUE, 10-03-17 Barkin
09Useless devices? (Taccola's Wheel and The Useless Box) TUE, 10-10-17 Al Reem
10The works of film director Alex Garland TUE, 10-17-17 Junior
11The production of the film Ex Machina TUE, 10-17-17 Alemayehu
12Mind Hacks TUE, 10-29-17 Vitoria
13The Zoetrope TUE, 10-29-17 Junior
14The Gestalt Principles TUE, 10-31-17 Grace
15Art projects by Arthur Ganson TUE, 10-31-17 Kristopher
16Strandbeasts by Theo Jansen TUE, 10-31-17 Raitis
17Creative Common Licences TUE, 11-14-17 Barkin
18Facebooks User Agreement TUE, 11-14-17 Grace
19IoT – The Internet of Things TUE, 11-23-17 Fathur

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