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Fieldtrip to Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah


  1. Felix Beck (050-684 79 30)
  2. Esteban Salvemini
  3. Michael Siloh

Day 1

06:45 Meeting at NYUAD Welcome Center
07:00 Start (please bring your own breakfast!)
Busdrive (stop at gas station for snacks, ice cubes & water)
09:00 Moving Image Museum (confirmation needed! ⇒ Felix)
09:45 Activity I. ⇒ Drawing
10:15 Departure
12:00 Lunchbreak at Emirati Restaurant (reservation needed! ⇒ Hajer)
13:30 Departure
14:00 Arrival at Jazirat Al Hamra (interactive map) (⇒ hats & umbrella)
Guided tour with Hilal Khan (90 min. Introduction to history, traditional architecture and preservation)
15:30 Activity II. ⇒ Drawing
16:00 Departure
Busdrive (snacks & water)
17:00 Arrival at Dhayah Fort
climbing the mountain…
Introduction to history and traditional architecture
17:30 Activity III.Workshop: Stoneage Arrowheads
18:45 Walk to Guest House/Scorpion Safari (flashlights!)
19:00 Arrival at Qalat Dhaya Rest House (Date Farm), refer rooms: 4 Single rooms, 7 double rooms
Collecting sticks and tinder
19:30 Activity IV. ⇒ 'How to make a fire' workshop (movie link)
20:30 Dinner at the fireplace
Stars and Stories
22:00 Night rest (1x 3-bedroom (f), 1x 3-bedroom (m), 1x 2-bedroom (m), 2x single room (m) ), final confirmation needed → Hajer

Day 2

06:00 Guided tour through Date Farm (60 min. Introduction to water system and date cultivation)
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Departure
09:00 Arrival at Dhow Shipbuilding Yard (Dhauwerft)
Guided tour (60 min. Introduction to boat building) checking with owner ⇒ Hajer
Activity V. ⇒ Woodwork Japanese Sawing workshop
11:00 Departure
Busdrive (snacks & water), Stop at Russian cargo plane abandoned in Umm Al Quwain (The National article)
12:30 Arrival at Al Hisn Fort Museum
12:45 Picnic, checking with Museum if we can have the picnic there/organising Lebaneese Food ⇒ Hajer
13:45 Guided tour (45 min. Introduction to history and traditional architecture), checking with Museum if we can get the tour ⇒ Hajer
14:30 Departure
15:00 Arrival at Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation ⇒ guided tour: ancient machines and technologies, checking with Museum if we can get the tour ⇒ Hajer
Activity VI. ⇒ tasks
16:30 Departure
Busdrive back to NYUAD campus (snacks & water)
18:45 Arrival on campus

Things to bring

  • Bring everything you need to stay over night!
  • health insurance cards
  • Comfortable & light clothes and shoes
  • One towel
  • Mobile phone
  • Hat, umbrella
  • Water bottle!!
  • Money for snacks
  • The stones that you collected to build the arrow heads
  • UV-flashlights and flashlights (Felix)
  • Drawing pad & pencils (Felix)
  • 1st aid kit (Felix)
  • Printouts (Felix)
  • receipt pad (Felix)
  • gifts from bookstore (Felix)
  • Safety glasses (Felix)
  • box for ice cubes, cokes etc. (Felix)


In his book What Technology Wants Kevin Kelly describes technology as a natural system – an extension of biological evolution. By mapping the behavior of life, we paradoxically get a glimpse at where technology is headed – or “what it probably wants”.

  • Chapter 2: Inventing Ourselves
    • What changed life substantially?
    • Please describe how Kelly retraces the development of the last 50.000 years…
    • Following John Neumann's determination about an evolution of technology: What will be the problems of the future?
  • Chapter 3: History of Seven Kingdom
    • What is meant with the term Technium?


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