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Essay 1 Presentations – 'Manus Et Machina' – Fall 2018

01Accountability For All: The Footballers Nightmare THU, Sep-27 Mari
02Body Replacement THU, Oct-04 Raunak
03Modified CRISPR Gene Editing Tool THU, Oct-04 Safeeya
04Terminator skin: Researchers create ‘self-healing material for robots’ THU, Oct-11 Ivan
05The Cyborg Who Hears Colors THU, Oct-11 Tala
06Artistic AC THU, Nov-01 Anatoli
07A Review of MIT’s Hot Solar Cells THU, Nov-01 Alia
08Telepresence Technology, a Summary, Evaluation and an Outlook THU, Nov-15 Christalina
09The Poorly-Presented Power of Presence THU, Nov-15 Will
13A prosthetic brain in your arm? THU, Nov-29 Romeno
143D printed prototype for a bionic eye THU, Nov-29 Jay
15Are we no longer human? THU, Nov-29 Alanoud
16Google's Pixel Buds Tue, Dec-04 Ahmed
17AlphaGo Zero Tue, Dec-04 Seungjun
18This AI Has Sparked A Budding Friendship With 2.5 Million People Tue, Dec-04 Ying

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