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Essay Presentations – 'Manus Et Machina' – Fall 2019

015G: The Possible Impossible THU, Sep-26-19 Roba
02Flyboards, Fiction or Reality THU, Oct-03-19 Zheki
03IoT Devices, a Technology that Can be Fun and Safe THU, Oct-03-19 Ju Hee
04Bone Conduction THU, Oct-10-19 Nate
05Star Wars Inspired Arm THU, Oct-10-19 Loan
12Translation Earbuds THU, Nov-05-19 Mohammed Khalid
13Blockchain THU, Nov-05-19 Anania
06Neuralink: The Future of Brain Control THU, Nov-07-19 Diya
07Neuralink Brain Implants THU, Nov-07-19 Cameron
08AI in the Classroom THU, Nov-14-19 Xiaohui
09Human Biochip Implants for a Convenient Everyday Life THU, Nov-14-19 Susanne
10Thermoelectric Energy THU, Nov-21-19 YuYeong
11Surveillance Technology and Smart Cities THU, Nov-21-19 Diego
12Translation Earbuds THU, Nov-28-19 Mohammed Khalid
13Blockchain THU, Nov-28-19 Anania
14Metal 3D-printing THU, Dec-05-19 Fadhel
15Aflac Duck THU, Dec-05-19 Alex

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