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Manus Et Machina Field Trip II.

Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah

As part of the 'Manus Et Machina' course we look into the development of art, design, and technology, and try to see how it evolves over time. The field trip brings us to important and very interesting sites around the UAE that will let us reflect on what we have learned and discussed so far: What is technology? What are technologies earliest representations? How did art and design help us to develop our society? Where do we come from, and where will we evolve to? We will visit prehistoric archaeological sites, will make fire with sticks, walk through a wadi to reach an antique watch tower, we will go on a scorpion safari using UV-flashlights, will learn about the water system of date farms, we will see the Dubai Fountain show (from another perspective), will make stone arrow heads, and try out a new VR application on top of an old emirati fortress.


  1. Prof. Felix Beck (050-684 79 30)

Day 1

08:15 Meeting at NYUAD Welcome Center
08:30 Start! Do not be late! We will leave 8:30 am sharp on time! (please bring your own breakfast!)
Busdrive (stop at gas station for snacks, ice cubes & water)
Case-study presentations: ⇒ Roba (The works of film director Alex Garland), ⇒ Roba (Jacob's staff) ⇒ Ju Hee (Astrolabe),⇒ Xiaohui (GPS)
11:00 Arrival at Global Grad Show at Dubai Design District (buildings 4&6). An exhibition of projects from 100 leading universities in 43 countries, Global Grad Show offers first-hand access to the next generation of graduates designing solutions for a better world in the fields of science, technology and engineering.
12:00 Visit of Dubai Design Week (visit of Downtown Design, Dubai Culture Creative Lab, outside installations (ABWAB))
13:30 Meeting with AUS students
14:00 lunch
15:00 Departure
Busdrive. Flashlight Workshop: Intro to Electronics
17:00 Arrival at Dhayah Fort
Climbing the mountain…
18:15 Walk to Guest House (flashlights!)
18:30 Arrival at Qalat Dhaya Rest House (Date Farm), refer rooms:checking single/double rooms
Collecting sticks and tinder
18:45 'How to make a fire' workshop (movie link)
20:30 Dinner at the fireplace
Stars and Stories
SGTS VR experience
Scorpion Safari
22:00 Night rest (how many bedrooms are reserved?), final confirmation needed

Day 2

06:00 Guided tour through Date Farm (Introduction to water system and date cultivation)
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Departure
Busdrive. Workshop: Intro to Arduino
11:30 Arrival at Wadi Al Helo (⇒ hats & umbrella)
Wadi hike
13:00 picnic lunch hike
14:00 Tour through farm and village
15:00 Drawing Session
16:00 3D scanning workshop
17:00 coffee break
±18:00 Departure ⇒ back to Welcomer Center
±21:00 Arrival on campus

Things to bring

  • We will hike through a wadi and climb up a mountain. So, please wear proper shoes. No Flip-flops, or loose sandals!
  • Bring everything you need to stay over night!
  • Health insurance cards
  • Comfortable & light clothes
  • One towel
  • Mobile phone
  • Hat, umbrella
  • Water bottle!!
  • Money for snacks
  • UV-flashlights and flashlights (Felix)
  • Drawing pad & pencils (Felix)
  • 1st aid kit (Felix)
  • Printouts ⇒ architecture, (Felix)
  • Receipt pad (Felix)
  • Gifts from bookstore (Felix)
  • Box for ice cubes, cokes etc. (Felix)

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