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Manus Et Machina Field Trip I.

Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah

As part of the 'Manus Et Machina' course we look into the development of art, design, and technology, and try to see how it evolves over time. The field trip brings us to important and very interesting sites around the UAE that will let us reflect on what we have learned and discussed so far: What is technology? What are the technologies earliest representations? How did art and design help us to develop our society? Where do we come from, and where will we evolve to?


  1. Prof. Felix Beck (050-684 79 30)
  2. Dov Ganchrov

Participating students:

  1. Mohammad Khalid
  2. Fadhel
  3. Nate
  4. Loan Thanh
  5. Xiaohui
  6. Alex
  7. Zheki
  8. Susanne
  9. Ju Hee
  10. Roba
  11. YuYeong
  12. Cameron
  13. Diya (excused) ⇒ Adham
  14. Anania (excused) ⇒ Ngoc
  15. Diego (excused) ⇒ Khoa

Participation: I expect everyone that is unable to join to send Felix an email with a reason. If he does not receive an email before Thu 24th, he expects your participation! If you have friends that would like to join the group, please also send Felix an email.


07:45 Meeting at NYUAD Welcome Center
08:00 Start! Do not be late! We will leave 8:00 am sharp on time! (please bring your own breakfast!)
Busdrive (stop at gas station for snacks, ice cubes & water)
10:00 Museum of Islamic Civilisation (museum tour ⇒ technology section)
11:30 College of Architecture and Design (CAAD), American University of Sharjah (AUS)
12:30 Lunchbreak with AUS students (t.b.d.)
14:00 busdrive to Mleiha
15:00 Mleiha Archaeological Center (museum tour)
16:00 Archaeological site visit
17:00 Stonetool Workshop
19:00 Drive back to campus
21:00 Arrival on campus

Things to bring

  • We will walk through rocky terrain. So, please wear proper shoes. No Flip-flops or loose sandals!
  • Health insurance cards
  • Comfortable & light clothes
  • Mobile phone
  • Hat, umbrella
  • Water bottle!!
  • Money for snacks

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