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Topics for field trip reports

Understanding the Cultural Context

Students:Ilya, Li, Shamsa, Thomas

What are the social institutions in the community: religious institutions (e.g. temple, church, mosque), formal and informal governance structures, community gathering places and occasions, commercial enterprises (small businesses, big businesses, stores, banks, clinics, manufacturing)? Are the homes owned by local community members?

Family Life – Understanding the Family Context

Students: Daniel H., Kevin, Ngoc

How many people reside in the current home? Who are the members of the family (ages, relationships)? How is family defined or understood (i.e. which people are included in the local conception of the family)? When did they move to this land? How many years have they lived in this area? If applicable, where did they live before and what caused them to move here? Does the family own this land? If not, who owns the land? Has the family-owned and/or resided on land in the area previously? Who built their current house? What are their current sources of income? Do they have any family members living elsewhere who help them financially? Who are the income earners in the family? Where do the children go to school? Is it a public school? What religion, if any, does the family practice? What language(s) are spoken by family members? Does the family pay rent or taxes? Which policies govern the current and future use of land, if applicable?

Products & Waste

Students: Daniel J., Sashank, Wilson

Are there existing entrepreneurial pathways within the community? Are there opportunities to reach larger markets with goods produced locally? What are the main drivers of the regional economy? How have they shifted over the past 30 years? What role does international aid play in the economy? Which information is available about the former landfill site the community lives on? How is house waste being handled? What is thrown away? Which types of waste can you identify? Is there an attempt to segregate waste, or to recycle materials? How is waste perceived by the community?


Students: Aayush, Aisha, Martyna

Describe the Baseco district. How big is the piece of land the Baseco community lives on? Describe land ownership in this community. What infrastructure has the government provided for the community (roads, power source, water source, sanitation, other systems)? What infrastructure has the community created for itself in the absence of government infrastructure? Describe the the logistical and transportation networks. Which municipal systems work well? Which municipal systems present opportunities for improvement?

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