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Plastic Fantastic !?

Realisation of Final Prototype

Students are asked to form a group with a max size of 3 persons.

The task is to develop the concept for a design project that results in either the prototype of a plastic product, or an object that relates to one of the topics discussed in class. You are free to position your project on a scale to be either artistic and contain elements of awareness, or, to make a functional, new product. The goal is that the result will not be thrown into the trash by your grandchildren once you die. The project should be given from one generation to the next. The material to be used for a final prototype will be recycled plastic. There will not be any budget for the realization of the prototype. Students have to follow the design process discussed in class, following the milestones outlined below:

example for radio

  • Milestone 2: Creation of a conceptual visualization of your idea. This could be a hand scribble of your artistic work, a computer visualization using your favorite software, or a photoshop visualization. You are free to choose. The result should be understandable and give a clear perspective on your intentions.
  • Milestone 3: Iterative improvements of your prototype.
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