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Plastic Lab Safety Rules

Every Student Research Assistant has to clean the lab door that feature the lab's rules and has to write those back onto the door during the initial safety training, and at the beginning of each semester.

Compiled by — Felix Beck 2020/02/18 12:24

  • follow the safety rules, stay safe
  • a clean lab is a safe lab
  • no food /drinks, only closed bottles
  • wear appropriate safety equipment when necessary, wear wear warning vest outside
  • work in pairs, don't work alone, buddy system guys!
  • work only on machine / equipment you are trained on
  • no loose clothing while working
  • long hair must be tied back
  • always leave the space cleaner than before
  • immediately report any accident / incident, email Felix and document in log
  • SRA's to time log on google calendar on
  • no tools leave the lab
  • the lab is under 24/7 camera surveillance
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