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A collection of Rules for and from Design Practice

The following rules are a collection of statements that I worshipped over the years. Sometimes pretty challenging but I strongly believe in those:

  1. Just talking is not enough
  2. Learning through visualisation, hands-on experimentalism, and creating quick prototypes
  3. Be integer
  4. Have a spirit of goodness
  5. Make a plan…
  6. Stay focus on topic
  7. Follow the Vitruvian Virtues (Utilitas, Venustas, Firmitas)…
  8. Tell visual Stories (Felix's PPiPP principle ⇒ Put Pictures into your Power Point Presentation)
  9. Work interdisciplinary
  10. Be ready to say no
  11. Stay open-minded
  12. Make your workspace a Living Art Memoria (as a technique of remembering)
  13. Structure your data
  14. Back-up
  15. Practice design – not decoration
  16. The No Asshole Rule (see also picture below)

Don’t work for assholes. Don’t work with assholes. Poster by Erik Spiek­er­mann. 98€.

The list below shows a collection of rules that I heard/read more than two times at least. I agree with most of them…

  • Keep it simple, stupid (the KISS principle)
  • The unspectacular things are the important things (Dieter Rams)
  • Ask Why/reflect
  • Form teams
  • Be a hard worker
  • Create an atmosphere of debate and a culture of constructive controversy (ART+COM Studios)
  • Make the world a much better place, by design, in every moment
  • Encourage wild ideas
  • Have an eye on the future
  • Have a passion for change
  • Trust your colleagues, share challenge and responsibility (ART+COM Studios)
  • Share experiences, knowledge and results, internally and externally (ART+COM Studios)
  • Stay motivated to experiment
  • Build on the experience of others
  • Failing means learning
  • Venture outside the box ⇒ Forget about the box!
  • Play and Enquire
  • Enjoy collaborative Ideation
  • Create more value then you capture
  • Fail often to succeed sooner
  • Chaos can be constructive
  • Have the courage to fail (ART+COM Studios)
  • Rapid (!) prototyping
  • Have an identifiable attitude (ART+COM Studios)
  • Break rules only if you know them (ART+COM Studios)
  • Do things nobody has done before
  • DIY
  • Teach (ART+COM Studios)
  • Take risks
  • Have an eye on design
  • Anyone who has nothing to communicate looks for style, anyone who lives by materialism honours the spirit , anyone who does business is furthering culture. (Otl Aicher)
  • Develop your professional skills
  • Cross borders
  • Support and be supported
  • Network
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