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Utilitas, Venustas, Firmitas

Engineering Design Studio (A5, 015)
Tuesday, January 23, 2018


  1. Introduction Felix (old projects, courses, research, open calendar, OpenOffice, OpenStudio)
  2. Engineering Design Studio (Esteban, Matt, policies, machines, materials, kitchen, events, training (hand tools, laser cutter, CNC))
  3. About you –> Why are you taking this course? ⇒ Attendance list

Prelude – Introduction to the Course

  1. Syllabus
    1. Structure: Project Colloquium (2:40hr session) + Seminar (1x 1:15hr session), discussion topics)
    2. Learning Outcomes, textbooks, films (movie theatre), rubric, assessment
  2. NYU classes: 1x essay , 2x case study, 5x project reports)
  3. Examples for Bricolage audio objects 2016/2017:
    1. Prototypes from Design Fundamentals course
    2. My Little Soundbombs (2006), Eyelight, F Light…
    3. Why shifting from Audio object to furniture?
    4. Furniture examples: Bauhaus Light, LOEHR, PSA Scherer, Rotor, …
  4. Course trips (Louvre Abu Dhabi, Warehouse 421, Sharjah/Dubai)
  5. VR/AR workshop in April
  6. Exhibition at the end of Spring-Semester
  7. Questions?

Overture – Lecture on Time Planning and Project Management

  1. Project Management Tools (example: Gantt)
  2. Agile Project Management using Kanban/Scrum


  1. Reading: Research Methods for Product Design (chapter 1 (p. 9–19), p. 176–177),
  2. Develop a Gantt-Chart that reflects the design stages of your project for this semester.
  3. Find at least five companies that are located in the UAE, that produce or use material which you could use for building your furniture prototype. This could be for example wood from a carpentry shop in Mussafah, or a camel leather factory in Al Ain. We will collect all those here.
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