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Utilitas, Venustas, Firmitas

Engineering Design Studio
Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 9:00am – 11:30am


  • Attendance
  • Reading for today: Research Methods for Product Design (chapter 6 (Testing), p. 121–137, chapter 7 (Evaluation & Selection), p. 139-155
  • Vector icon homework ⇒ only 7/15 so far. Let us have a look at the ones that were developed and uploaded… Extended deadline until Thursday!

Overture: Project Colloquium

  • Project Report 4 ⇒ only 10/15 submissions so far. Students that have not submitted the project report will start today presenting their iterations.


  1. Further development of prototype!
  2. Project Report 5/5,
  3. Reading: Design: History, Theory and Practice of Product Design, Architecture and Design (p. 202–215),
  4. Watch 'Urbanized'
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