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Case-Study presentations Fall 2019

01Lascaux CaveTUE, Sep-03-19 Alex
02Drawn inventions by Leonardo Da VinciTUE, Sep-03-19 Xiaohui
03The NeoLucida TUE, Sep-03-19 Diya
04Useless devices? (Taccola's Wheel and The Useless Box) TUE, Sep-10-19 Fadhel
05The Mechanical Turk TUE, Sep-10-19 Cameron
06The Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms and Machines TUE, Sep-10-19 Anania
07 Gestalt Principles TUE, Sep-17-19 ⇒ moved to TUE, Oct-08-19 Ju Hee
08Mind Hacks TUE, Sep-17-19 Cameron
09Zoetrope TUE, Sep-17-19 Fadhel
10Physical Computing TUE, Sep-24-19 Zheki
11Creative Coding TUE, Sep-24-19 Mohammad
12Visual Programming TUE, Sep-24-19 Diego
13Works of film director Fritz Lang (excl. Metropolis) TUE, Oct-01-19 Anania
15The Way Things Go by Peter Fischli and David Weiss TUE, Oct-01-19 Susanne
07Gestalt Principles TUE, Oct-08-19 Ju Hee
14The production of the film Metropolis TUE, Oct-08-19 Nate
17The works of film director Ridley Scott TUE, Oct-08-19 YuYeong
18Art projects by Arthur Ganson TUE, Oct-29-19 Loan Thanh
19Strandbeasts by Theo Jansen TUE, Oct-29-19 Diya
20Dieter Rams Ten Rules on Good Design TUE, Oct-29-19 Zheki
253D printing (focus on tools and tech) TUE, Nov-12-19 Mohammad Khalid
26Computer Joystick TUE, Nov-12-19 Susanne
16The works of film director Alex Garland TUE, Nov-15-19 Roba
21Jacob's staff TUE, Nov-15-19 Roba
22Astrolabe TUE, Nov-15-19 Ju Hee
23GPS TUE, Nov-15-19 Xiaohui
27Facebooks User Agreement TUE, Nov-19-19 Diego
28Mobile Data Collection TUE, Nov-19-19 Loan Thanh
30The Computer Mouse SUN, Dec-08-19 Nate
31Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality SUN, Dec-08-19 YuYeong
32The Matrix SUN, Dec-08-19 Alex

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