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General course structure/schedule of meetings/list of discussion topics

Days Topic <font inherit/inherit;;#ffffff;;#e74c3c>Homework due to the day</font>
Day 1 MON, Jan-06-20 Plastic Fantastic!? Get the course books from NYUAD bookstore.
Day 2 TUE, Jan-07-20 A Plastic Era
Day 3 WED, Jan-08-20 Oil & Plastic Production Have read:
1. Sustainable Materials (Introduction: p. 8–17, Plastics: p. 20–23, Molding Recycled Plastic: p. 120–125, Plastics Recycling: p. 208–211)
2. Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (chapter 3, Cast of Characters (p. 236–239))
Day 4 THU, Jan-09-20 Plastic Polution Have read:
1. Sustainable Materials (Bio-based Plastics: p. 24–29),

Have watched:
1. A Plastic Ocean
Day 5 SUN, Jan-12-20 Plastic Fashion Have finished the Mini Project The Battle of the Bag.

Have read:
1. Fashion and the circular Economy,
2. The Upcycle (Forword, Introduction: p. 3–22, Closing Some Loops: p. 43-44)
Day 6 MON, Jan-13-20 Fieldtrip
Day 7 TUE, Jan-14-20 Fieldtrip Have read:
1. Sustainable Materials (Plant Fibres: p. 94–97)
Day 8 WED, Jan-15-20 Fieldtrip
Day 9 THU, Jan-16-20 Fieldtrip
Day 10 FRI, Jan-17-20 Fieldtrip
Day 11 SAT, Jan-18-20 Fieldtrip
Day 12 MON, Jan-20-20 The Design of Everyday Things Have finished and uploaded the Field-Trip Report.

Have read:
1. Sustainable Materials (Injection Molding Bioplastic: p. 104–109, Plastic Extrusion: p. 114–119)
Day 13 TUE, Jan-21-20 Plastic Furniture Have read:
1. Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (chapter 1,2, Epilog – A Bridge (p.233–235)),
2. The principles of Cradle to Cradle, see also (this figure)

Have watched:
1. Conversation with Susan Freinkel Youtube
Day 14 WED, Jan-22-20 Global Perspective –
Politics & Policies
Have finished and uploaded the Artistic Statement (find example here).

Have read:
1. The Upcycle (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry: How We Help Organizations Optimize: p. 76–79, Upcycling Products of Service: p. 163–165, About the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute: p. 198–199, What's Next: p.211–217),
2. Hannover Principles
Day 15 THU, Jan-23-20 An Outlook Set up of exhibition:
1. Have integrated the artistic statement into the poster design, and have pictures added to document the process,
2. Have printed the final exhibition poster (see PDF),
3. Have placed the poster in exact 48x48xm size on a black pedestal using blue tag,
4. placing the designed plastic product prototype on the predefined area of the poster.

<font inherit/inherit;;#ffffff;;#e74c3c>Exhibition Opening at 3pm !</font>
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