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Plastic Fantastic !?

Location: A5-001
Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Morning: Welcome Words

  1. Introduction Felix (courses, research, OpenCalendar, OpenOffice, OpenStudio)
  2. Short film sequence from (introduction)
  3. Intro to Precious Plastic Community, Precious Plastic WANA Conference, collaborations, Mobile Plastic Lab
  4. About you ⇒ Why are you taking this course?
  5. Creating a WhatsApp group for the time of the course?

Introduction to the Course

  1. Syllabus (discussion topics, learning outcomes, textbooks, films, other resources, grading)
  2. Course structure: 3 weeks incl. fieldtrip ⇒ Open Calendar, daily check-in with attendance list (Felix's table…)
  3. Course schedule and homework,
  4. Workshops and guest talks
    1. Duration (presentation length ±25 min, followed by 10 minutes of lead discussion)
    2. Using the presentation template via NYU classes/ressources or google slides, 20-25 slides
  5. About the final project – a few examples to get into the mood:
    1. Constraints for your products made from recycled NYUAD plastic waste (concept, material, size)
  6. Exhibition with course results, (exhibition poster)
  7. Worksites/Labs for prototyping:
    1. Plastic Lab (safety introduction, introduction of Engineering Seniors Kazi and Rafay)
    2. Advanced Manufacturing Workshop (Esteban, policies, machines, AMW cal ⇒ helping sessions always Sunday afternoon)
  8. Reminder to meet at 5pm in the Cinema Screening Room to watch a documentary together
  9. Questions?

Personal Items

  • Which items do you carry with you that are made out of plastic? Which are made from alternative materials? What materials can you think of?

Afternoon: Plastic Lab Tour & Safety Introduction

  • Groups for Fab Rotation & Field-Trip Report:
    • Student team 1: Ilya, Shamsa, Li, Thomas
    • Student team 2: Ngoc, Daniel H., Kevin
    • Student team 3: Sashank, Daniel J., Wilson
    • Student team 4: Aayush, Martyna, Aisha
  • Groups for Plastic Monster (7 groups of 2 students)
  • Final Prototype and Artistic Statement: You can choose your teammates. Max group size 3 persons.
  • NYUAD waste management site
    • Trash compactor, material press
    • Waste segregation: cardboard/paper, glass, metal, etc.
    • Food digester
    • Light bulb crusher
  • Plastic Lab
    • General Intro/story about the lab
    • Collection of bottle caps
    • washing plastic
    • drying station
    • sorting plastic on type and color
  • Safety Introduction
    • lab rules
    • fire safety
    • emergency phone
    • first aid kit
    • Use of projector/sound system
  • Machine Introduction
    • Shredding
    • Injection Machine
    • Extrusion Machine
    • tools
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