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Course structure/schedule of meetings/list of discussion topics

Spring Semester 1

Week 1 TUE, 01-24-17Introduction to the course
THU, 01-26-17Kick-Off Workshop (soldering radio components)
Week 2 SUN, 01-29-17Lab (sketching, scribbling, rendering), Lecture (project management)
TUE, 01-31-17Design as a Concept, Project Colloquium (gantt-chart, conceptual sketches, moodboards)
THU, 02-02-17Lab: Introduction to EDS machines (laser cutter, 3D-printer, CNC machine, waterjet cutter)
Week 3 SUN, 02-05-17Lab: Introduction to EDS safety, hand tools, materials
TUE, 02-07-17Project Colloquium (mood boards, mind map), Felix's Golden Rules for Presentations
THU, 02-09-17Case-study presentations (No. 1, No. 2), class discussion
Week 4 SUN, 02-12-17Lecture (Design & History), Project Colloquium, Visit by Writing Instructor (Writing Center)
TUE, 02-14-17Case-study presentations (No. 3, No. 4), class discussion
THU, 02-16-17Case-study presentations (No. 5), class discussion
Week 5 SUN, 02-19-17Lecture (Design Thinking), Project Colloquium
TUE, 02-21-17Student presentation of Essay 1 (student 1), class discussions
THU, 02-23-17Case-study presentations (No. 6), class discussion
Week 6 SUN, 02-26-17Project Colloquium

Cinema session: Movie Theatre (C3) at 8pm ⇒ 'Objectified', Gary Hustwit, 2009
TUE, 02-28-17Student presentation of Essay 1 (student 2), class discussions
THU, 03-02-17Case-study presentations (No. 7), class discussion
Week 7 SUN, 03-05-17Lecture (Rapid Prototyping), Project Colloquium
TUE, 03-07-17Lab session
THU, 03-09-17Guest Talk by Precious Plastic
Week 8 SUN, 03-12-17Project Colloquium

Spring Break: 16–25 March 2017

Spring Semester 2

Week 8 SUN, 03-26-17 Lecture: Design & Methodology, Project Colloquiumm
TUE, 03-28-17 Student presentation of Essay 1 (student 3), class discussion
THU, 03-30-17 Case-study presentations (No. 8), class discussion
Week 9 SUN, 04-02-17 Lecture: Graphic Design, Project Colloquium
Cinema session: Movie Theatre (C3) at 8pm ⇒ 'Helvetica', Gary Hustwit, 2007
TUE, 04-04-17 Student presentation of Essay 1 (student 4), class discussion
THU, 04-06-17 Case-study presentations (No. 9, No. 10), class discussion
Week 10SUN, 04-09-17 Lecture: The Function of Design, Project Colloquium
TUE, 04-11-17 Student presentation of Essay 1 (student 5), class discussion
THU, 04-13-17 Case-study presentations (No. 11, No. 12), class discussion
FRI, 04-14-17Course trip (Al Ain ⇒ desert)
SAT, 04-15-17Course trip (desert ⇒ Dubai)
Week 11SUN, 04-16-17 Lecture: Interface Design, Project Colloquium
TUE, 04-18-17 Student presentation of Essay 1 (student 6), class discussion
THU, 04-20-17 Project work in the Engineering Design Studio
Week 12SUN, 04-23-17 Lecture: Interaction Design, Project Colloquium
TUE, 04-25-17 Case-study presentations (No. 13, No.14), class discussion
THU, 04-27-17 Excursion to 'Blacksmith Coffee'
Week 13SUN, 04-30-17 Field trip to Manarat Al Saadiyat, Lecture: Architecture you should know
TUE, 05-02-17 Project Colloquium, Prototyping & realisation in the Engineering Design Studio
THU, 05-04-17 Case-study presentations (No. 15, No. 16), class discussion
Week 14SUN, 05-07-17 Lecture: Designers you should know, Project Colloquium
TUE, 05-09-17 Project Colloquium, Prototyping & realisation in the Engineering Design Studio
THU, 05-11-17 Demonstration of working project prototypes (students 1–6)
Week 15SUN, 05-15-17 Exhibition

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