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Inkdrops to the Origins

A media-based interactive art installation for the Hansol Museum (Wonju, South Korea).

The installation Ink Drops to the Origins consists of a spacial snapshot of a paper stack, seemingly being blown away. Each swaying paper is placed onto a thin rod and individually curved, in order to create the impression of a dynamic wave. Projected virtual ink droplets rain from the ceiling. The visitor is not only able to see or hear the ink droplets hit the ground: if he takes one of the sheets in his hand, he is able to collect a single ink drop on it and let it flow to other sheets, until finally reaching the fixed paper wave. Once in this area, the drop blends with other drops and together they form a variety of large Korean characters. These eventually form a quote from "Hunminjeongeum" – a renowned text, which was published in 1446 by the Great King Sejong and posed a new font for the Korean language. After some time, the characters move again and dissolve, as if blown away to make room for characters yet to come.

Felix's role: Art Direction for ART+COM | client: Hansol Museum, Wonju, South Korea | © by ART+COM

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