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Workbook 2 – Earning as a student

Examples of commissioned visualisations and small paid projects to finance my living during times being a student at UdK Berlin.

I believe that working in parallel to my studies was extremely beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it gave me the opportunity to gain valuable work experience that could help me in my future career. Having some practical experience in my field of study set me apart from other graduates when I was looking for a job after graduation. Secondly, working alongside my studies helped me develop time-management skills that were crucial for success in both my academic and professional life. This helped me become more efficient and productive, making it easier to balance my commitments. Additionally, having a part-time job provided me with a source of income that helped me manage my finances and reduced my reliance on student loans. Finally, working also helped me build my professional network, allowing me to connect with people who could offer me future job opportunities or advice. Overall, I think that working in parallel to my studies was a valuable and rewarding experience that helped me achieve my goals.

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