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iRauch – Highway to Heaven

A device that proposes an update to sacral liturgy.

New Media changes with time and with time, that’s extensively well-known, their use. Everyone finds its own advantage from such a change. The catholic church uses in the global age of today New Media to send a valid benediction Urbi et Orbi around the world and thus to reach a larger group. Absent humans get the possibility at the place of the happening to be.

The use of inscent, a dried tree resin from south Arabia, can be retraced historically about 7000 years. Originally in eastern cults as smoke victims for the honour of the Gods or for cleaning, and/or disinfecting purposes humans in the “heavenly scent of God” saw a form of revealing – an indication of gods proximity. After Psalm 141 incent designates the prayers of the believers ascending to God. The catholic Liturgie makes with the use of incence besides clearly that humans are a spirit-body-soul-unit. The mess is a mess for all senses, also for the eye and the sense of smell. Because Gods word became in Jesus Christ a human being, it must also the service physical express itself. Incence applies therefore also as an indication of the presence of God (2nd Kor 2.14).

The iRauch-object (means “iSmoke”) is an object, which gives a mediale entrance possibility to the Christian Liturgie for the Neo-Prayers.
While on, by USB attached computer sakrale contents, as for instance a service, are shown, the iRauch object receives promptly a signal for the heating of an evaporation surface. The temperature needed for the evaporation of inscent is exactly reached if the liturgically correct time came: While participants of a service will thus surround by the true smell, the iRauch user knows this smell at the same time also at home receive and everywhere in the world.

LED test-run.

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