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A technological interpretation of a traditional walking-cane becomes an instrument to be used to embrace new and unknown paths.

The Journey is the Reward. Pilgrimage in the traditional sense is the journey to a holy place. In many cultures and religions it serves the purpose of searching for salvation, as well as to calm the longing and curiosity for simplicity, adventure and improvisation – a social happening which leads to encounter and exchange, and finally always to a goal. This goal may not only be in a geographical sense, but may refer to higher values. Such as may be enlightenment or the beginning of a new stage in life.

The goal of this project was to translate the central aspects and values of the pilgrimage into a digital object – a new interpretation of the traditional walking-cane: The GɇoCane. This new cane shows various references to the historic and modern pilgrimage, as well as historic and modern forms of navigation. By using the GɇoCane, the user receives a new understanding of the historic identity of pilgrimage.

Geographical coordinates for a specific goal are loaded onto the GɇoCane through a docking-station. Throughout the Neo-Pilgrimage an integrated micro-controller running a software traces the chosen path, so that one is never guided on an already known road. By a slight vibration at grasping hight, the cane leads the way for the user. The place of destination remains unknown for the user and is not of such great importance as the path in itself.

In our fast-moving time, GɇoCane gives the city dweller the opportunity to perceive space around him in a conscious way. The cane is an instrument which can be used to embrace new paths, as well as the unknown.

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