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Floating Cross-Sections

A prototype of a narrative tool to educate audiences about historical architectural structures.

Forts in Wadi Al-Helo and Fili are significant areas of Sharjah (UAE), and are home to a vast collection of tactical, agricultural, and social information and history. The project team (Felix Beck, Nisala S. Saheed, Zlatan Filipovic) worked on finding, organizing, and structuring information regarding the two sites and to develop the concept of two interactive installations integrating the 3D data of the sites.

Project 1: Floating Cross-Sections
Project 2: Narrative Coordinates (link to project)

The installation Floating Cross Sections is based on the Pepper’s Ghost principle which uses a computer screen in combination with a semi-transparent mirror to visually overlay (augment) a physical artefact (architectural model) with virtual information (digital data-set of the architectural structure). The result is a narrative tool to educate audiences about the historical structure. The NTSI research team developed both a 3D model of the concept and a holographic structuring of historical information. 

Ultimately, this project proves integral as a use-case and an example for developing and stream-lining the process of creating the following steps in the context of Spatial Narration:

  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D Scanning
  • 3D Prints
  • Augmented Reality application
  • Information Visualisation

Examples textures tcreated in Adobe Indesign. The created slides fade-in depending on the position of the model so that the content seamlessly augments the physical position.

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