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Betonia Colonia

A monolithic concrete floor lamp as a statement against cheap and disposable seasonal furniture.

Betonia Colonia is a monolithic concrete floor lamp. Its measures are 100 x 18 x 18 cm (40" x 7" x 7"). The illuminant is a fluorescant tube which is introduced into the cuboid via a glas-slide and a system of bars. Power is supplied by a 230V AC cable which also connects the lamp with a foot switch. Once Betonia Colonia is switched on, it will appear as if the cuboid is divided by a thin strip of light. A glistening light prises the column up - it illuminates the dark room like light that blazes through a crack of the door.

This project is a counteract to the omnipresent loss of commitment that is generated by disposable furniture and cheap articles. The basic idea is to create furniture one has to decide for consciously as it is made out of solid concrete.

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